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About Greendale Public School

History of Greendale Public School

Mr. Larry Koerner has graciously prepared this record of the history of Greendale School.  He has been a Greendale teaching staff member since 1967 and was recognized by the DSBN for 40 years of educational service in 2006.

The land where Greendale Public School stands today was a large farmer’s field and forest in the late 1800’s.  In 1908 Mr. Homer Dixon, a wealthy industrialist from England, purchased the land and built a stately stone mansion with beautifully landscaped gardens, surrounded by rows of Sugar Maple trees.  These trees lined all four sides of the property.

When Mr. Dixon returned to England, a Mr. Arnold purchased the land.  Mr. Arnold operated a private boys’ college, which was a residential school for many years.  This school, situated on the secluded mansion grounds, was known as the Niagara Falls Boys’ College and it was considered to be of ivy-league quality.

In 1947, the Stamford Board of Education purchased the building and grounds and they were converted into what became known as Montrose Road Public School.  The official opening was held in January of 1948.  A ten-room addition was built in 1953 to accommodate population growth in the area.  The school was renamed Greendale Public School.  Official opening ceremonies did not take place until October of 1955.

In 1972 a large portion of Greendale School property, along the southern boundary, was purchased by the City of Niagara Falls.  This purchase allowed for the construction of Greendale Avenue, which connects Belmont Avenue to Montrose Road.  This development was part of the Queen Elizabeth Highway expansion project.

In 1986, the old Homer Dixon mansion (which still formed part of the school) was demolished.  In its place, a four room primary wing was constructed.  At the same time, a most welcome gymnasium with a stage for dramatic presentations was constructed.

In 1999 a long-awaited traffic light was installed on a busy four-lane Montrose Road, directly in front of the school.  This was the result of several years of petitioning to the City of Niagara Falls.

Currently, Greendale is a JK - 8 school with approximately 325 students with an excellent reputation for excellence in Academic, Athletics & the Arts.

Looking to the future – in Canada’s bi-centennial year of 2067, a time capsule sealed into the foyer wall will be opened. This time capsule was dedicated on June 28th, 1967 as Greendale’s Centennial project.  This capsule contains: messages from municipal, provincial and federal officials, student work samples, photographs of students and teachers, postage stamps, coins, choir recordings and the history of Greendale School.  Of particular interest is the last letter written by Governor-General George P. Vanier, just prior to his death, to the 2067 students of Greendale Public School.